Horsham Osteopaths

The Treatment

When you visit us for the first time a full case history, including a medical history will be taken.

You will then be asked to remove some of your outer clothing down to your underwear if necessary (you may like to wear some loose shorts or leggings) Then a series of simple movements of the body and spine are carried out which enables us to make an assessment of the problem and begin to understand any possible causes.

You will then receive a treatment consisting of a series of manual corrections. We will explain exactly what we are doing and why. You will be actively encouraged to ask as many questions as you want.

The Classical Approach

At Horsham Osteopaths we very much believe in employing a classical approach to treatment. Classical Osteopathy is a time-honoured traditional style of osteopathy that allows the osteopath to assess and treat the whole structure of the body.

Classical examination and treatment is thorough and holistic with far reaching effects and benefits such as boosting the immune system.